Men Awakening Retreat

07 June 2022 - 12 June 2022 @ Centrum Athanor

This is an all inclusive multi-day retreat including overnight stay.

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• Your participation in the group is only guaranteed after full payment.
• Men Awareness is based on a healthy and mature manners within the group.
• The participant is responsible for guarding / keeping his / her boundaries, both physically and mentally.
• Damage by being compensated to the location by a participant.
• Men Awareness can never be held liable for any damage suffered by the participant during a visit to the chosen event of the location.
• Men Awareness reserves the right to terminate your participation at any time, a personal statement will be given for this. Such a decision is binding.

• In the unlikely event that you unsubscribe from participation for whatever reason. Then this can be done free of charge up to 14 days in advance, after which 50% will be charged.
• Cancellation on the day itself or if you do not come, there will be no refund.

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Centrum Athanor
Hooislagen 9, 7241 NJ Lochem, Netherlands

You will receive full refund if we do not reach our minimum amount of participants.

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