Men Awareness Training

Meeting for men.
To bring attention to your world, life mission, life force and body.

The training runs from October to June. Every other week you get together with men on Wednesday evenings.
You can book seperatie editions or the entire training and participate live or with Zoom.

open at 7:15pm
7:30pm Start
9:30pm End

Develop a solid foundation and gain basic knowledge about consciousness. After which you can move on to the follow-up training.

Each edition highlights a different basic element about yield and there's room for it in what's going on in your life. It is always about integration into your daily life and being knowledge.

Rakesh Mijling
Active in consciousness development from an early age. With more than 15 years of meditation guidance.

Wednesdays every other week

It is possible to book single edtions or the complete training.

When booking the full training you can also participate via Zoom. Preference is live on location in Amsterdam.

Conscious Studio Amsterdam

The workshop is devided into three main segments




Each workshop has a different theme for inner development, but the direction of the workshop is determined by the input of the men that are present.


In addition, the ancient symbol Trinity (trident) is used.



will • action • wisdom
past • present • future
breath • movement • intention

creator • protector • destroyer
energy • frequency • vibration

father • son • Holy spirit
Ida • Pingala • Shushumna
Tamas • Rajas • Sattva
Wakker • Slaap • Droom
Shiva • Shakti • Anu

Men Awareness Training Stages

Stage 1 - The Foundation

Be strong in body and mind
Remove energy leaks and blockages
Good energy circulation in the body
Tools for energy activation
Chakra System integration

Stage 2 - Sexual Mastery

Be powerful in giving and receiving
Remove sexual energy leaks
Good sexual energy circulation in the body
Tools for sexual energy activation
Sexual relationship dynamics

Stage 3 - Healing Magic

Strong in Presence
Recognize Chakra Blockages
Subtle energy circulation in the body
Tools for Kundalini energy activation
Healing energy transmission

Stage 4 - Awakened Man

Connected with Source
Free from attachments
Beyond body and mind
Transmutation tools
Living from essence