Teacher Rakesh

My name is Rakesh

You're here for a reason. It is time to start doing inner work. Join me to expose the things that (unconsciously) hinder your power and potential. Through meditation, exercises, reflection, togetherness and authentic sharing, we go together on a journey that takes you to your own core. We work razor-sharp like a knife, so that we arrive at your own truth in the shortest possible way.

Workshop info

The ten elements of strength

The workshop is devided into three main segments




Each workshop has a different theme for inner development, but the direction of the workshop is determined by the input of the men that are present.


In addition, the ancient symbol Trinity (trident) is used.



will • action • wisdom
past • present • future
breath • movement • intention

creator • protector • destroyer
father • son • holy spirit
Ida • Pingala • Shushumna
Shiva • Shakti • Anu




Interview Aan De Man Brengen

Teacher Rakesh

About Rakesh

Grew up in the Osho commune and received Sanyas at the age of four, with the meaning, ruler of the full moon. After many years travelling in India by himself receiving various meditation techniques, initiations and inquieries. He started hosting Tantra workshops in 2005 with Art of Loving and has hosted men groups for many years. After some years he developed an amazing Tantra practise called Tantric Dance. Since 2007 he has been sharing this dance meditation form and it is now know worldwide.
He has trained teachers and this made it possible to be shared all over the world.

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Other activities

Founder of Rakesh Motion Vision Design in 1999
Founder of Art of Loving in 2005
VJ artist sinds 2006
Initiator of Tantric Dance in 2007
DJ artist sinds 2016
Founder of Wild Hearts in 2016
Founder of Tantra Festival Amsterdam in 2017
Founder of Club Free in 2018
Founder of Conscious Events platform in 2019
Initiator of Conscious Magazine in 2020
Founder of Tantra Gathering in 2020
Founder of Men Awareness in 2021

Rakesh at Angsbacka
Rakesh at Angsbacka

hosting men workshop with +100 men at Tantra Festival Ängsbacka 2019


"From my own experience I know how important it is to regularly relate with men in order to reach my own core.
Men keep each other on the edge, challenge one another, and we understand and give support on a deeper level. This is a gift for every man."