The ancient symbol Trinity (trident) is used for inspiration.



will • action • wisdom
past • present • future
breath • movement • intention

creator • protector • destroyer
energy • frequency • vibration

father • son • Holy spirit
Ida • Pingala • Shushumna
Tamas • Rajas • Sattva
Wakker • Slaap • Droom
Shiva • Shakti • Anu/Nara
Siva • Shakti • Ziel

The ten elements of strength

Masculine / Feminine

Everyone has a masculine and feminine strength within them. Both are equally important to develop within yourself, both are needed in daily life and be in your fullest potential.



Presence & Source

In order to gain new insights, Awareness and Presence is key. Only you can gain insights about yourself, by developing this, it will benefit with everything you do.
By connecting to your your own source, you develop presence.


Your life force is the motor of your existence, only by letting it flow properly, your life will reach its full potential. How is your relationship to your own sexuality, can you use it and connect it with your mission and decisiveness?

Light & Dark

There is light and dark in each of us, both of which are important to give attention to. This prevents us from being unconsciously driven from our dark side and by being in contact with it, you make use of your full potential.


By clearing and opening your body, mind and spirit, more force and energy can move through your system. Optimizing this, is essential for reaching your full potential.

Raw & Sensitive

There is raw and subtle strength in each of us, both are important. Developing refined sensitivity can requires time and attention, developing raw strength requires courage and decisiveness.


By being in a field of men, you are supported with everything that presents itself. Allow yourself to be carried and reflected in a space of loving togetherness, in order to make room for who you really are.


What has true meaning for you in this life? Are you connected to it and does it have an important place for you in your daily life. What is hidden and blocking you for being in your fullest manifestation.


What do you encounter in your relationship(s)? How do you get to a relationship with depth, balance and intense connection. What are your pitfalls and where is it going wrong. Relationships are intense mirrors to truth and help you find balance.


When you discover something for yourself and have illuminated it from different sides, you can embody it yourself. This way you find your own truth and it does not become copied information.